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Two years later...

It's been almost two years since I posted a rant here; what's the point any more? The public apparently doesn't have the attention span or disgression but to elect and believe intellectual and moral degenerates, so what can you do? Write your own rant and email me the link...

The Year's First Rant 2004

It is disturbing to me that Iraq casualty numbers and stories have been relegated to the middle of the first section of almost all newspapers, rather than the front page, and that for many Internet news sites/sources, Britney Spears drunken stumble into a Las Vegas wedding chapel would appear to be more news-worthy, given the headline placement.
Rather than being some vast conspiracy of the ruling junta and the news media, this vile phenomenon is the fault of no one else but YOU!
Yes, YOU! The American public. Generation of Swine. A national attention-deficit-disorder gained by mindlessly taking in countless hours of "Friends" and "Frazier" in wanton self-abasement until your collective mind has shrunken to the size of a reptilian's and you are incapable of comprehending more than 60 seconds of real input at a time.
And PLEASE don't give me any BAD news, much less anything of substance requiring actual THOUGHT. If what Britney did today is more important than young men being killed and maimed to further the junta's fat-cat buddy's profit pockets. you surely will get what you deserve. If not, at least complain about it.
Shame on all of you....

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