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Welcome to JacktheHack.com!!! I've been very guilty about not updating this page in way too long...

I've been spending most of my time and creative energy on another website: http://amberjackmusic.com

Publisher's Notes: Some people complain about the screwy operations of the links on the right side of the page, but others find them useful to use as a test to see if they have had too many cocktails/bong hits/whatever to drive. So I hereby declare that if you want to hang out here you must work on your mouse dexterity if you're challenged! As your Pro Se legal counsel, if you ARE mouse dexterious and can't hit the links in one click, you should NOT be the designated driver!

COMING ATTRACTIONS: We'll see what time permits over the course of the next several months. My biggest priority right now is finishing all the music I have started and getting it uploaded. As mentioned previously, in the not too distant future I'll have the site divided up into separate modem and broadband sections. "Ask Master Tiodi" will be coming very soon, and we'll see what else I have time for...

If your office network/ISP blocks this website because it has the word "hack" in it, you should point out to them that they, among other things, have also blocked the radioshack.com, whackamole.org, and joescrabshack.com websites (amongst many others) in their futile, misguided attempts to "secure" their network...the only system safe from a real hacker would need to be turned OFF and buried in a secret location.

I actually got the nickname "Jack the Hack" in 1974, long before computers weighed anything less than in tonnage and had to remain in air-conditioned quarters. I was driving a Yellow Cab to pay my way through school, and "hack" is a synonym for "taxi", or by extention, "taxi driver", for those of you in the provinces. I stumbled into computer/network/wireless engineering ten years or so later....

Legal Disclaimer! I am personally responsible for the entire contents of this site, and does not any way reflect the views of my employers or any other person or entity. If you don't like it, sue me, and I'll kick both your AND your lawyers asses.

Now that we've gotten that out the way, Enjoy!

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